What is the Story Behind Alexandra Palace history?

The Alexandra Palace history dates back to 1873. Built on a 7 acre footprint, it stands on 196 acres of parkland. There is an ice rink, pub, restaurant, boating lake, pitch and putt and lots more. It even has 1500 free car parking spaces which is a great attraction in itself!

Television and Alexandra Palace history

The Alexandra Palace history is as amazing as its setting. In 1936 it became the birthplace of the world’s first high definition television service. There is a plaque up for all to read commemorating the event for the BBC. The Alexandra Palace television station was built here and Studios A and B are used as a museum for showing original historical television equipment. The actual Alexandra Palace transmission tower is one of the oldest in the world.

WW2 linked with Alexandra Palace history

The BBC continued using the palace as their main London transmission centre. It stopped in World War II and the transmitters were apparently used to jam the German bomber’s navigation systems. It has been claimed that as a result of this, only about 25% of all German bombing was successful in London. A bomb did explode and blow out the windows of the Great Hall and this area had to be rebuilt after the War.

In 1980, Haringey County Council took over the trusteeship of the Alexandra Palace and started a huge refurbishment project. Six months later, a fire devastated the Alexandra Palace and destroyed half of the palace.

The palace had to be rebuilt at great expense and time and reopened in 1988. Haringey Council overspent by £30 million on the restoration and was publicly embarrassing by the investigations that followed. The building became a Grade II listed building in 1996.


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